Empowering Graduates to Shape the Future of Space Sustainability at Astroscale UK

Posted July 3rd, 2023 Posted in News

Harwell, Oxfordshire. Monday, 3 July 2023. Astroscale Limited, the UK subsidiary of Astroscale Holdings Inc. (“Astroscale”), the market leader in satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability, has launched its new graduate recruitment and development scheme. 

Harnessing the power of collaboration and innovation, Astroscale UK invites graduates to apply for an incredible two-year journey through its pioneering graduate scheme, designed to help unlock the potential of spacecraft in-orbit servicing and space sustainability. 

Astroscale UK’s graduate scheme goes beyond traditional boundaries, immersing participants in a multidisciplinary environment where they will gain hands-on experience and training in a range of satellite engineering fields. From Systems Engineering to Flight Software, Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) to Mission Operations, Flight Dynamics to Ground Segment, and Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT), this new graduate programme offers an unparalleled pathway to a career in the fast-growing UK space industry. 

“Our graduate scheme is an inspiring opportunity to shape the future of space system development and operations working alongside some of the most talented space industry engineers and managers in the world,” said Nick Shave, Managing Director, Astroscale UK.

“We are seeking passionate trainee space sweepers with exceptional problem-solving skills and aspirations to make a real impact. By joining our team, participants will work on cutting-edge projects and contribute to the realisation of sustainable space systems, the kind of work that will shape our planetary neighbourhood as part of our mission to make the space environment more sustainable for future generations. 

As an example, selected graduates will have the opportunity to work alongside our engineering team on the UK Space Agency’s world-leading Active Debris Removal (ADR) mission, which Astroscale UK and our industrial partners intend to build and launch over the next few years. See our website for a taster on this ground-breaking mission!” 

Key Responsibilities of the Graduate Scheme include just a few of the below:

Systems Engineering, collaborating with a team of trailblazers to develop and optimise space systems and architectures, pioneering in-orbit servicing and space sustainability.  

Flight Software, embarking on an exciting journey by participating in the development and testing of software used for spacecraft operations, with an unwavering focus on reliability, fault tolerance, and mission-specific functionality.  

Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), venturing into the realm of autonomous spacecraft operations and rendezvous and docking manoeuvres, shaping the future of space exploration. Grads will contribute to the design and implementation of cutting-edge guidance, navigation, and control algorithms, you will analyse and evaluate sensor performance, propulsion systems, and attitude determination and control subsystems.  

Mission Operations, participating in the planning and implementation of spacecraft missions, from pre-launch preparations to in-orbit operations and mission deactivation. You will contribute to the development and implementation of mission control procedures, ensuring seamless anomaly response and recovery. 

Flight Dynamics, unlocking the mysteries of mission design as you derive requirements, define ConOps, and delve into algorithmic intricacies and interface specifications. Immerse yourself in modelling, simulation, analysis, and optimization activities for mission design, orbital manoeuvres, and orbit estimation. Support real-time operations of spacecraft, witnessing first-hand the wonders of celestial dynamics. 

To be eligible for the graduate scheme, applicants should have recently completed or be on the cusp of completing a relevant degree in engineering, computer science, or a related field. A strong academic background, particularly in space systems or aerospace engineering, is highly preferred alongside a passion for space sustainability. 

Astroscale is an equal opportunities employer, embraces a diverse workforce and strives for inclusivity. All qualified applicants, including but not limited to minorities, women and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.   

For more information about the Astroscale UK graduate scheme and to apply, please visit the Astroscale UK website Vacancies page. The selection process involves a technical exercise and an immersive assessment centre day, conducted virtually and in person at the esteemed Harwell Campus site. 

Apply: https://astroscale.bamboohr.com/careers/364?source=aWQ9MTQ%3D

Application deadline: Friday 28th July 2023