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Astroscale was born out of the necessity to protect one of our precious natural resources – Earth’s orbits. While I cannot promise you an easy and quiet ride, I can guarantee an exciting career in a rapidly evolving industry. Together we will grow and learn a lot as a team as we tackle one of the biggest issues facing the world.

Nobu Okada, Founder & CEO​

Hear From Us

Alison Howlett Headshot Edited
"Astroscale is at the forefront of innovation and is reshaping the future of space with pioneering on-orbit servicing technologies. These technologies will foster a sustainable space environment, paving the way for a circular economy in space. Being a part of this vision and challenging traditional boundaries is so exciting. It’s not just about what we do; it’s about redefining the possibilities of tomorrow’s space ecosystem."
Alison Howlett, Senior Manager, Global Corporate Communications
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"Astroscale is a rapidly growing company in the space sustainability area – a perfect alignment with my past work! We are all passionate here about working to clean up space junk, and I enjoy that everybody is welcome to contribute to the development of the company and driving its direction. The opportunity to work in a very multi-cultural environment with creative, friendly and social colleagues, spend time working in Tokyo, and the flexible working conditions (including working from home), make Astroscale a great place to work!"
Jason Forshaw, Head of Business Development & Product Strategy
Kanae Kobori
"The team has grown so much since I joined Astroscale in October 2018. The best thing is that everyone cares about our mission and has great experience in space or related industries. I like the feeling that we all have a big goal to achieve together."
Kanae Kobori, Senior Ground Segment Engineer

Our Values

Mission and People Focused

We gather for a purpose and passionately pursue our mission. We grow as a company to fulfil our vision. We empower our team to maintain healthy priorities and foster their growth, personally and professionally.

Innovative and Pioneering

We meet the challenge of our mission, stretch the bounds of possibility and learn from our successes and failures.


We pursue and embrace a variety of thinking, beliefs, and ways of life that are international, open-minded and inclusive.


We engage in open and honest feedback at all levels. We connect and communicate openly and often to work effectively around the world.

Customer Focused

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and solve their problems. We build partnerships and focus on the long term.