The Cleaning Outer Space Mission through Innovative Capture (COSMIC) will harness Astroscale’s rendezvous and proximity
operation (RPO) and robotic debris capture capabilities to remove two defunct British satellites currently orbiting Earth, to launch by

COSMIC Phase B complete

Creating a sustainable space environment with Astroscale’s UK Active Debris Removal mission

We rely on space technology in many areas of our lives – satellites help keep us safe, connected, and informed. But with more and more satellites being launched every year, the threat of orbital congestion and space debris is growing.

The UK has committed to deliver capabilities to track these objects and reduce space debris. Its leadership in Active Debris Removal (ADR) will demonstrate on a global stage what must be done to secure our economic and environmental future in space. Astroscale is proud to be part of this UK initiative, pushing forward the commercial on-orbit servicing economy with greater national capabilities, world-leading facilities, and strategic partnerships in the UK.


Nobu Okada (CEO and Founder of Astroscale) and Nick Shave (Managing Director of Astroscale UK & Europe) attending the Global Leaders for Space Sustainability Symposium at Buckingham Palace, June 2023. His Majesty The King launched the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Astra Carta framework during the event. 

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Astroscale – A National Champion

Proven Space Mission Heritage

COSMIC debris removal servicer will be a technological evolution of ELSA-M — a commercial partnership together with the European and UK Space Agencies and OneWeb, a large global satellite operator. COSMIC leverages technology matured in our ELSA-d in-orbit demonstration.​

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Dedicated to UK Growth and Manufacturing

COSMIC will be designed and integrated at Astroscale UK & Europe’s new Zeus satellite integration and operations facilities at Harwell Science & Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire. Astroscale is pushing forward the on-orbit commercial servicing economy through creating new jobs, national capability and world-leading facilities in the UK.

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Developing a Strong UK On-Orbit Servicing Supply Chain

For COSMIC, Astroscale is working with many UK partners, such as MDA UK, Thales Alenia Space UK, Nammo, GMV and Goonhilly to deliver the mission, and will have a wider supply chain across UK, from Dundee to Belfast to Cornwall.

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COSMIC – Cleaning Outer Space Mission through Innovative Capture

Doing it for the kids – COSMIC System Requirements Review