For all missions we will provide an end-to-end service, addressing mission licensing, spectrum acquisition, insurance and operations for space debris removal.

Nobu Okada, Astroscale's Founder & CEO

Founded in 2013, Astroscale is developing innovative and scalable solutions across the spectrum of on-orbit servicing, including life extension, in-space situational awareness, end of life, and active debris removal, to create sustainable space systems and mitigate the growing and hazardous buildup of debris in space. Astroscale is also defining the economics of on-orbit servicing and working with government and commercial stakeholders to develop norms, regulations, and incentives for the responsible use of space.

Our Vision:

Safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations.

Our Mission:

Develop innovative technologies, advance business cases, and inform international policies that reduce orbital debris and support long-term, sustainable use of space.

Astroscale has a growing team of over 500 people – all of whom have a passion to secure sustainability in space.

Headquartered in Japan, Astroscale has an international presence with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Israel. Astroscale is a rapidly expanding venture company, working to advance safe and sustainable growth in space and solve a growing environmental concern.

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