Docking Plate
Docking Plate

Future proof your satellites with the Astroscale Docking Plate

Customizable to suit your needs, fixing our Docking Plate onto your satellites before launch will enable full access to Astroscale's on-orbit servicing and safe, responsible removal.

Our heritage Docking Plate technology was successfully tested on-orbit during our ELSA-d mission in 2021. Since then, we’ve matured our first generation Docking Plate offering with robust materials and flexible features, together with a scalable and reliable supply chain in order to meet the needs of commercial customers.

Why install the Astroscale Docking Plate on your satellite?

  • Future proof your satellite for end-of-life removal by Astroscale, and minimize subsequent costs for services such as refuelling, refurbishments and relocation.
  • Demonstrate proactive responsible space practice and space sustainability to ensure compliance and to protect the space environment.
  • Align with international best practises set by organisations such as CONFERS, the Space Safety Coalition and Space Sustainability Rating.
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Key features of the Astroscale docking plate

  • Designed to be discrete during satellite operations: lightweight, compact and minimally intrusive.
  • Low-cost solution that can be integrated into your satellite development costs.
  • Components are mechanically secured to be failsafe with no structural adhesive degradation issues.
  • Robust and reliable - currently undergoing qualification testing for the space environment.
  • Designed for an in-space lifetime of over 15 years plus significant on-ground shelf life.

Variety of pre-set leg lengths

Customizable to suit your needs including adjustable truss legs with 3 size options.
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More Features...

Makes it easy to install and can be assembled from the outside.

Simple 3 bolt solution

Customizable to suit any satellite design.

Truss legs with 3 size options

Act as docking aids to guide navigation.

Fiducial markers and retroreflectors

Enables the robotic grappling technology. The plate is compatible with a variety of capture mechanisms including magnetic and robotic.

Knurled reinforced rim

Features a de-coupled top plate and structural deck to alleviate thermal stresses.

De-coupled top plate and structural deck

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