End of Life (EOL)

Astroscale’s End-of-Life (EOL) services provide you with safe, reliable, and cost-effective spacecraft retrieval solutions for your satellites. Astroscale’s EOL services present a proactive way for satellite operators to protect the orbital environment and the services that they offer.

Why do satellite operators need end-of-life services?

1. design

Satellite Design

Be prepared and proactive by incorporating an Astroscale Docking Plate.

Optimize satellite design and balance cost and reliability constraints.

Responsibly access higher orbits.

2. pre launch


Demonstrate commitment to responsible space actions.

Commitment to sustainability supports business longevity and viability.

Support current and future regulatory compliance and prevent insurance surcharges.

3. operations


Protect operational service of satellites and limit collision avoidance operations.

Prevent growth of lethal non-trackable debris in orbital environment.

Mitigate risk of extended satellite lifetimes and reduce infrastructure costs through extended replenishment cycles.

4. end of life


Protect the orbital environment and return back to its natural state.

Clean orbital environment ensures the future viability of satellite operations.

ELSA-d is our first End-of-Life Service by Astroscale (ELSA) mission to demonstrate (d) the core technologies necessary for debris docking and removal.

After harnessing learnings from the ELSA-d demonstrations in 2021, we are maturing our technologies into a full-scale ELSA-M commercial debris removal service.

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