Lunar Dream Capsule Project

The Lunar Dream Capsule is a time capsule that gives people a chance to send their names into space. Partnering with Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Astroscale has specially designed and developed a capsule that will bring names to the Moon in the hope that future generations will be able to visit someday and retrieve it. The Lunar Dream Capsule Project will be taking the Capsule throughout Japan and selective countries in Asia to collect handwritten messages from people which will then be laser etched onto titanium plates to be packed inside the Capsule.

Astroscale is serving as the commander of the mission and is responsible for the design and overall technical management of the Dream Capsule and the message plates. Astroscale is also leading communication between the Japanese team members and partners in Singapore and the United States. Astroscale has contracted Astrobotic to send the Dream Capsule on its first lunar mission on a United Launch Alliance Centaur rocket in 2023.

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