UK Space Agency Announces New Partnership With UNOOSA to Further Space Sustainability Efforts

Posted January 28th, 2021 Posted in News

The Astroscale team is delighted to hear the latest UK Space Agency  announcement of a new partnership focused on space sustainability with the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

UNOOSA plays the vital role of supporting the development of UN-level guidelines under the UN COPUOS auspices to promote the sustainable use of space. In June 2019, UN COPUOS adopted the Long Term Sustainability of Outer Space (LTS Guidelines), providing guidance on the policy and regulatory framework for space activities, safety of space operations, international cooperation, capacity-building and awareness, and scientific and technical research and development. The guidelines marked a critical step forwards in defining the framework for delivering sustainability in outer space.

The latest UNOOSA-UK partnership is expected to support international efforts to promote space sustainability by identifying leading examples of the sustainable use of outer space. This UNOOSA-UK project will also help to inform future UNOOSA capacity-building efforts and help to encourage all actors to implement the LTS Guidelines to the fullest extent possible.

John Auburn, Managing Director of Astroscale UK, and Chief Commercial Officer of Astroscale Holdings, says Astroscale appreciates the pro-active steps the UK Government continues to take, including via this initiative with UNOOSA, to promote the sustainable use of space and to safeguard the space environment. This partnership presents a timely opportunity to collaborate further on international space sustainability initiatives, and we look forward to working with the UK Space Agency and UNOOSA to support their efforts.”

Read more details of the UK Space Agency – UNOOSA partnership announcement.