POCARI SWEAT to Head to the Moon

Posted May 16th, 2014 Posted in News

Singapore-based international commercial space enterprise, ASTROSCALE, along with Astrobotic Technology, a US based company that delivers space robotics technology and planetary missions, will be delivering the Lunar Dream Capsule to the surface of the moon. The sponsor of the international space mission, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of a health drink POCARI SWEAT, has announced the launch of its campaign “Lunar Dream Capsule Project” on Thursday 15th October, in Tokyo.

Lunar Dream Capsule Project Official Website
Project Movie: http://youtu.be/88q3ZoYUKEg

Lunar Dream Capsule is a time capsule specially designed and developed for delivery to the moon in 2015, with hopes for the future generation to visit the moon to retrieve it. The Lunar Dream Capsule Project will be travelling throughout Japan and selective countries in Asia to collect handwritten messages from people, and the messages will be laser etched onto titanium plates to be packed inside Lunar Dream Capsule. The capsule also contains a powdered form of POCARI
SWEAT making the first commercial beverage to land on the moon. The brand hopes for the future generation to reach the moon and dissolve the powdered POCARI SWEAT in lunar water* to drink it. Those who participate in writing the message will receive a key to the time capsule in the form of a ring.

Only three nations have ever landed on the moon: the United States, the former Soviet Union, and only just recently China. Space missions till now have relied heavily on national institutions for technology and funding. However, the Lunar Dream Capsule Project will be the first ever commercially operated space mission to land on the moon. Reaching the moon is not the final goal of the project, but rather the starting point of a new space era where more private companies will be involved in space missions. In the near future, space will be more approachable for all people.

ASTROSCALE’s corporate mission is to address the growing threat of space debris by incubating removal technologies while arousing a passion and excitement for space exploration among people around the world. In order to make the space more approachable for people, the company provides technology support as well as the global alliance necessary for private companies to be involved in space missions.

Astrobotic Technology
Astrobotic Technology offers high-capability space missions as a service by integrating multiple customer payloads with shared infrastructure. “We are delighted that ASTROSCALE has chosen Astrobotic to deliver its lunar payload,” said John Thornton, Astrobotic’s CEO. “Our services are optimized for customers seeking the simplicity of point to point delivery, and our price is the lowest in the market. We are thrilled to fly ASTROSCALE project to the Moon.”

To learn more about Astrobotic Technology and its payload delivery services, visit astrobotic.com

Developed in Japan in 1980 as a nutritious, drinkable I.V. solution to hydrate human body, the health drink is now expanding its popularity outside of Japan to East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
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Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a comprehensive healthcare company that was established in Japan in 1964. In order to cure diseases and to support healthy lifestyle, Otsuka Pharmaceutical strives to create innovative, thoroughly-original: pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to improve and benefit the health of all people around the world.



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