Astroscale’s ELSA-d Mission Wins 2021 Satellite Technology of the Year

Posted March 23rd, 2022 Posted in News

Tokyo, Japan, Mar. 23, 2022 – Astroscale Holdings Inc. (“Astroscale”), the market leader in satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability across all orbits, today shared that its End-of-Life Services by Astroscale-demonstration (ELSA-d) mission is winner of the 2021 Satellite Technology of the Year Award. The award was presented during the Via Satellite Awards Luncheon at the SATELLITE 2022 Conference and Exhibition.

“The fact that this was voted on by the community means so much — we are all recognizing the importance of space sustainability,” said Chris Blackerby, COO of Astroscale during the Awards Luncheon. “ELSA-d is taking those next steps toward satellite servicing, which is going to open up the aperture for the space economy. That’s what is going to be necessary to take the space ecosystem forward.”

With its launch in March 2021, ELSA-d became the world’s first active mission dedicated to demonstrating the core capabilities necessary for space debris docking and removal. In less than a year in orbit, ELSA-d has already set operational benchmarks for future rendezvous and proximity missions and has successfully tested its ability to capture and release its client spacecraft during a “Test Capture” demonstration in August 2021.

“Astroscale is confronting some of the biggest issues in the industry head-on, and its technology has the power to make a huge difference in the years ahead,” said Mark Holmes, Editorial Director for Via Satellite. “It is a company much admired in our sector and very deserving of this award.”