Astroscale to Open New Tokyo Headquarters to Accommodate Business Expansion

Posted November 4th, 2020 Posted in News

Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 4, 2020 – Astroscale Holdings Inc. (“Astroscale”), the market leader in satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability across all orbits, today announced it will relocate its global headquarters to a new industrial site in Tokyo’s Sumida ward to support the rapidly growing team and expansion of the company’s services.

“Astroscale, which will be the core tenant of this new facility, is an innovative company leading the on-orbit servicing market,” said Toru Yamamoto, Mayor of Sumida ward. “Space sustainability is one of the biggest global challenges, and I hope this collaboration will be a great impetus for the promotion of Sumida ward’s industrial tourism measures.”

Since Astroscale’s inception in 2013, the company has established a global footprint across five countries and grown to over 140 team members. Each of the five countries are working in concert to achieve the Astroscale mission of safe and sustainable development of space for future generations. Astroscale is on schedule to ship the pioneering End-of-Life Services by Astroscale-demonstration (ELSA-d-) mission, the world’s first demonstration of commercial orbital debris removal, later this year. The team in Japan is also developing its Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan (ADRAS-J) spacecraft, which was selected by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s for Phase I of its Commercial Removal of Debris Demonstration Project, one of the world’s first technology demonstrations of removing large-scale debris from orbit.