IDEA OSG 1 Update
IN THE NEWS / November 30, 2017

Though we have tried all measures to make contact with IDEA OSG 1, we have not been able to identify its location nor establish communication to date. It is assumed that the upper stage and all payloads, including IDEA OSG 1, have been lost.  We are very disappointed that the community will not get to use the data from IDEA OSG 1 as we were confident it would have been beneficial to scientists and satellite operators alike. ASTROSCALE is still analyzing and gathering information, and also awaiting further official notifications from Glavkosmos on investigation of the failure. ASTROSCALE’s mission remains the same: to maintain a sustainable orbital environment and secure long-term spaceflight safety. Our debris removal technology demonstration mission, ELSA-d, is under active development and is scheduled to launch in 2019.

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